Deke Dickerson and the Trashmen: Bringing Back the Trash


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This is the Trashmen’s first album in 25 years and it’s full of the great Minnesota surf sound you know and love from the “Surfin’ Bird” hitmakers. There’s plenty of “bird” to go around, including “Psycho Bird,” “Flipping the Bird,” and “My Baby Does the Bird”; several great new originals by Deke, including “Good News,” “I’m a Trashman,” and “Brewski”; and some great covers in the inimitable Trashmen style, including “Bucket T,” “Lotta Lovin,” “Olds Mo William,” “White Lightnin'” and many more. If you’ve loved the Trashmen and their great 1960s records, then you’ll love this new disc! If you find “Surfin’ Bird” to be an annoying record that you can’t stand… well, we kindly redirect your attention to