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Deke and the Whippersnappers 7-inch

New Album!!

Deke’s first long-player with the Whippersnappers (and first new album since the pandemic) is chock full of great new songs, written by Deke and Bert Avalos and Zander Griffith of the Whippersnappers. There’s lots of wild rockabilly, including the title track “Honky Tonkin’ Rhythm,” “Now That You’re Gone,” and “Great Big Cowboy.” There are also great 1950s-style country numbers, including “Bucket of Blood,” and dramatic Western numbers like “Paying for That One Mistake.” And in addition to all the new songs, two of the group’s biggest numbers from their first EP are included as well: “Here Kitty Kitty” and “Wild Wild Thing.”

Live Dates

September 23 Country Music Hall of Fame Nashville, TN Merle Travis book panel and performance with Deke, Tommy Emmanuel, Eddie Pennington, Merlene and Cindy Travis, and more
November 10 Sassafras Saloon Hollywood, CA Johnny Horton tribute with Tommy Horton, Deke and the Whippersnappers, Grey DeLisle, Eddie Clendening and more
Feb 1-4, 2024 Rockin' Race Jamboree Torremolinos, Spain with Dave and Deke Combo, Deke and the Whippersnappers

Book Writin’

Sixteen Tons: The Merle Travis Story (BMG Books, 480 pages)—the first-ever full-length Merle Travis biography—is the story of Country Music Hall of Fame member Merle Travis, a brilliant, multi-talented, and deeply troubled artist who is widely considered a genius. Order it now via the button at right! Also check out Deke’s two earlier books:
The Strat in the Attic: Thrilling Stories of Guitar Archaeology (Voyageur Press, 256 pages), in which musician, journalist, and “guitarchaeologist” Deke Dickerson tells the true tales of 50 thrilling rare guitar finds. Foreword by Jonathan Kellerman.
The Strat in the Attic 2: More Thrilling Stories of Guitar Archaeology (Voyageur Press, 256 pages), with even more stories behind dozens of astounding guitar finds.


Articles and thoughts from the mind of Deke

With John Curtis, Redlands

With John Curtis, Redlands

I spent some time before my DJ gig tonight at the house of Josh Curtis, brother of tonight’s club promoter, Cahn Curtis. Josh is like a brother from another mother! But before I start, let me tell all you creeps: none of this stuff is for sale!

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Leo Fender’s Radio Repair Shop

Leo Fender’s Radio Repair Shop

I was in Fullerton today and stumbled across this: the original location of Leo Fender’s radio repair shop, where the very first Fender musical instruments were made in the 1940s!

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Fairbanks Museums

Fairbanks Museums

We went to two museums today in Fairbanks, the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum (one of the best I’ve ever been to) and the Fairbanks Ice Museum.

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These and more on the Deke Dickerson YouTube Channel

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