Deke Dickerson and the Ecco-Fonics
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Deke and the Whippersnappers 7-inch

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Deke’s new song, “The Year That Got Away,” was conceived as a ROCK ANTHEM: a chorus everyone could sing together, at the top of their lungs, while holding a cigarette lighter in the air. Plus cowbell! Featuring Jim Laspesa of in Brian Wilson’s band, Dave Davies, the Muffs and Green Jelly on drums. Many thanks to Sirius XM for the airplay!

Live Dates

July 28, 2021 Earth Rider Brewery Superior, WI backed by the Tinglers
July 29, 2021 Biergarten Muchen Mercer, WI backed by the Tinglers
July 30, 2021 Hook and Ladder Minneapolis, MN backed by the Tinglers, Trailer Trash opens
July 31, 2021 Private party Grand View, WI backed by the Tinglers
August 1, 2021 Bayfield Memorial Park Bayfield, WI backed by the Tinglers, also featuring Greg Koch and the Koch Marshall Trio
August 3, 2021 FitzGerald's Chicago, IL w/ Joel Paterson, Beau Sample, Alex Hall
August 7, 2021 Joe Maphis 100th Birthday Celebration Cumberland, MD w/ Kyle Eldridge and many more special guests!
August 9, 2021 Private party Des Moines, IA SOLO
August 12, 2021 Cooper’s Landing Columbia, MO SOLO
September 4, 2021 The Casbah San Diego, CA Deke and the Whippersnappers
September 9-12, 2021 Viva Las Vegas Festival Orleans Casino, Las Vegas, NV Guitar Geek Festival show, Hillbillyfest Show, and Blind Rage and Violence
September 24-26, 2021 New England Shake Up Festival Framingham, MA w/ Dave and Deke Combo
October 8-10, 2021 Iron Invasion Festival Davenport, IA

Book Writin’

Deke has just finished writing the first-ever full-length Merle Travis biography, forthcoming from BMG books, a new publishing imprint of BMG Records, in 2021! In the meantime, check out his two earlier books:
The Strat in the Attic: Thrilling Stories of Guitar Archaeology (Voyageur Press, 256 pages), in which musician, journalist, and “guitarchaeologist” Deke Dickerson tells the true tales of 50 thrilling rare guitar finds that will make guitarists green with envy. Foreword by Jonathan Kellerman.
The Strat in the Attic 2: More Thrilling Stories of Guitar Archaeology (Voyageur Press, 256 pages), with even more stories behind dozens of astounding guitar finds.


Articles and thoughts from the mind of Deke

“Meet the Strangers”

“Meet the Strangers”

An extraordinary number of musicians have passed through the ranks of the Strangers. Here we attempt to list the players who actually toured with the band during the Capitol years as well as important session players.

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Jimmy Gross’s Modified Fender Jaguar

Jimmy Gross’s Modified Fender Jaguar

It’s hard to know where to begin, from the micro-frets Calibrato vibrato to the hand-welded bridge, the many additions to the pickups, the fingerboard extension to allow bass strings hanging off the edge like a harp guitar, to the 1980s-era computer interface connector.

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Not for Sale: Pete Korelich and Linotype Labels

Not for Sale: Pete Korelich and Linotype Labels

“WHAT DO YOU WANT IT TO SAY?” He would yell in his Polish accent over the din of the machines. “ECCO-FONIC HIGH FIDELITY ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE HOLE, 45 RPM AND EF-1004 ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE HOLE, LINES ABOVE AND BELOW EACH ONE!” I would yell.

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