Deke Dickerson and the Ecco-Fonics
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Deke and the Whippersnappers 7-inch

LP version now available!!

Deke’s first long-player with the Whippersnappers is chock full of great new songs: lots of wild rockabilly, great 1950s-style country numbers, and dramatic Western numbers. Two of the group’s biggest numbers from their first EP are included as well: “Here Kitty Kitty” and “Wild Wild Thing.”

The long-playing vinyl version is now available! 16 tracks! Heavy cardboard “old school” album cover! Mastered by Deke on his 1940 Scully record lathe! On a first-come, first-served basis, buyers through will receive a limited edition (one of 300) RED VINYL version of the album!

Live Dates

July 19-20, 2024 Malemute Saloon Ester AK as Deke and the Whippersnappers
July 21, 2024 Flossie’s Cafe Ester AK as Deke and the Whippersnappers
July 27, 2024 Surf Guitar 101 Festival Long Beach, CA w/ The Untamed Youth

Book Writin’

Sixteen Tons: The Merle Travis Story (BMG Books, 480 pages)—the first-ever full-length Merle Travis biography—is the story of Country Music Hall of Fame member Merle Travis, a brilliant, multi-talented, and deeply troubled artist who is widely considered a genius. Order it now via the button at right! Also check out Deke’s two earlier books:
The Strat in the Attic: Thrilling Stories of Guitar Archaeology (Voyageur Press, 256 pages), in which musician, journalist, and “guitarchaeologist” Deke Dickerson tells the true tales of 50 thrilling rare guitar finds. Foreword by Jonathan Kellerman.
The Strat in the Attic 2: More Thrilling Stories of Guitar Archaeology (Voyageur Press, 256 pages), with even more stories behind dozens of astounding guitar finds.


Articles and thoughts from the mind of Deke

Well Strung Guitars in Farmingdale, Long Island

Well Strung Guitars in Farmingdale, Long Island

We got an invite this morning to Well Strung Guitars in Farmingdale, Long Island. Well Strung has been selling off the huge lot of vintage guitars that were at the Songbirds museum in Tennessee, so what you’re seeing in these photos are all vintage guitars, no reissues.

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RIP Jeremy Tepper

RIP Jeremy Tepper

Lots of people knew Jeremy and will have their own stories to share about the guy, but I can say that he was one of my greatest allies over the years.

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These and more on the Deke Dickerson YouTube Channel

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