Joe Simonton and the Alien Pancakes

Sep 1, 2022

Arrrrggghhh! I’m always juggling 1001 things when I’m on the road, but I HATE it when I forget something…especially something as fun as this!!

I read a story about a month ago, before we left on tour, about a 1961 UFO incident involving Eagle River, Wisconsin, chicken farmer Joe Simonton. Simonton, as isolated and as non-fame-seeking as anyone could imagine, came forward with a story that a spaceship descended upon his farm and the aliens inside needed water, so he gave them water. He saw they were cooking something on a grill, so he asked if he could have some. He got a few of their “pancakes,” which he said tasted terrible. Simonton got so much grief about his story that he often wished he had never come forward.

I love stories like this, because the guy had no appetite for fame or notoriety. I truly believe that SOMETHING happened on his farm. Anyway, I was so impressed by the story that I had Sally Jo reserve us a hotel room in Eagle River on our way from Wisconsin to Michigan. I planned on finding Joe’s grave and maybe even the farm where the incident occurred. But we were so tired that day, and had such a long drive behind us and ahead of us, that I fell asleep and completely forgot about it!! Dammit! I hate it when that happens!

I’ll have to book a trip back to Eagle River someday. In the meantime, enjoy this story about Joe Simonton and the aliens who gave him pancakes in 1961: