“Hog Wild” Custom Record

Jan 19, 2023

I had fun yesterday recording and cutting a custom record project for my friend Jon Nygren in Wisconsin. Jon wanted me to record a cover of a record I found on tour, a wacky country novelty song called “Hog Wild” that features a bunch of wild hog snorts and sound effects throughout. I thought it might be fun to make a day project out of it by smoking some ribs on the BBQ and recording and cutting the song at the same time!

It was a bit like performance art, just for me, at home. I had a blast—I was setting up microphones at the same time that I was prepping the ribs. I’d record a drum part while getting the fire going in the smoker. I’d work on guitar, bass, and vocal parts while the ribs smoked outside. I recorded the vocals and all the hog snorts, then sat down to a delicious meal of barbecue ribs.

After dinner, I cut the custom record on the lathe. I thought it might be a nice touch to get a little barbecue sauce on the record labels, to commemorate the first “farm to platter” recording I’ve done. Not a bad way to spend the day! Thanks, Jon! I hope you enjoy the record! Now, who wants me to record “I Hear the Voice of a Pork Chop” or “Saturday Night Fish Fry”?