WIWS Radio: My New Favorite Thing

Jan 1, 2022

Happy New Year, everybody! I thought I might turn you all on to a really cool thing I discovered over the holidays. Any time I find something that I really LIKE, I want to spread the knowledge, so check this out! There’s a lot of options online these days for listening to streaming music, a lot of GOOD options too, if you just want to hear a bunch of great music coming at you with little effort. But, I just discovered WIWS Radio, and it’s something else, wow! It’s amazing!

I just put on WIWS and let it PLAY. It’s like listening to an AM radio station circa early 1960s, with that classic AM radio compression and a hint of reverb (like you’re listening to it in your ’62 Oldsmobile), along with vintage and newly created jingles, DJs (courtesy of the couple who run the station, John and Chrissy Sellards). I mean, it REALLY sounds like an AM radio station coming off your computer! The music playlist is great, too, like listening to one of those great old AM radio stations that plays choice hits along with a million great obscurities. Kudos to the Sellards, this whole deal is really well “curated.”

I’ve been listening to WIWS for a couple weeks now, just letting it play on my computer while I do stuff around the house, and man—it’s SO GOOD! I really dig it and I have a feeling a bunch of you all might dig it too. Right now it’s a streaming radio station on their website wiwsradio.com, but they are working on a smartphone app too. So do yourself a favor and go to wiwsradio.com and click on “listen”—you won’t regret it! It’s the closest thing to a radio time machine that I’ve found, and if that sounds up your alley, then you will dig it!