A Day with the Great Johnny Knight

Aug 3, 2022

Had a wonderful day with the great Johnny Knight, his wife, Joanne, and his son Mark. These are some of my favorite people in the world—the nicest ever! We had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, then went back to their house because Johnny had an old pair of Altec stereo speakers he wanted me to have. I asked him to sign them, naturally—not only by Johnny Knight, but his alter ego, “The Gamma Goochee Himself!” Then we all sat around the living room and played music. Johnny sang, I played Johnny’s original Gibson guitar (the same one in his old promo photos from the 1950s!), and his son Mark played piano. Joanne and Evelyn even traded the acoustic guitar back and forth! It was great to play a little bit with Johnny. We did some great shows together before Covid: Vegas, LA, Spain, England, New Orleans. That song “Rock and Roll Guitar” gets ’em every time!! Thanks for a great day… Sally Jo, Evelyn, and I really enjoyed it!!