Deke Dickerson: …In 3 Dimensions!


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Presented in three sections: “rock ’n’ roll,” “rockabilly,” and “hillbilly.” The first section is a rocking rhythm and blues revue featuring the fabulous Carl Sonny Leyland, former Ecco-Fonic sax man Ron Dziubla, Los Straitjackets bass man Pete Curry, and legendary New Orleans session drummer Earl Palmer. Section two highlights include the original song “Wear Out the Soles of My Shoes,” a cover of Johnny Horton’s “Take the Long Way Home Tonight,” and the haunting “Bitter Tears.” Part three features the fiery guitar-and-steel-guitar duo Dave Biller and Jeremy Wakefield, upright bassist Billy Horton, and drummer Bobby Trimble playing country, western swing, and hillbilly boogie numbers.