Recalling John Corbett and Applebee’s

Aug 11, 2022

Second day on the road, and I’m remembering an interview with actor/musician John Corbett that I heard many years ago. Besides being one of the stars of the TV shows “Northern Exposure,” “Sex In The City,” and having his own Rock/Americana band, Corbett was also famously the voice of Applebee’s Restaurants on all their TV and radio commercials.

In the interview I heard many years ago, Corbett talked about how when he went on tour, he and his band stopped at Applebee’s every day, every meal, because as their paid spokesperson, he could eat for free.

Now, all these years later, I’m wondering if I know anybody that toured with John Corbett’s band. If so, I have so many questions. What did it feel like, being on the road for weeks, only eating at Applebee’s? Did you like it? Did you order the same thing over and over again, or did you try everything on the menu once, then start over again? After months of Applebee’s fare, did you want to, um, erase your boss and his free meal ticket? I’m genuinely curious, and I’d really love to know the answers to these questions.

Oh, and I’m sure somebody will comment what a “nice guy” John Corbett was. I’m not interested in that. I’ve already made my judgements about the man, based mostly on the fact that he signs autographs with a Peace Sign under his name.

Read the comments! They are funny!