New Deke YouTube channel: “I LIKE RECORDS”

Mar 19, 2022

Here’s something new! I don’t have time to put together a podcast or write for my blog these days, so I decided to start a YouTube channel called “I LIKE RECORDS” and put together episodes where I talk about (and play) some of my favorite records, of all genres. The first episode is about Wynn Stewart and the birth of the Bakersfield Sound, but future episodes will be about all different kinds of music from different eras.

I also needed a good excuse to work on my video editing skills, so bear with me as I clumsily learn how to make them better. This first one is a little rough around the edges, I decided to do this yesterday afternoon spur of the moment. The next ones I put together, I’ll work on a tighter script and try to keep them under ten minutes. But if you like old records, and enjoy stories behind the music, I hope you’ll enjoy my new “I LIKE RECORDS” video series! If you do, please consider leaving a virtual tip! PayPal to or Venmo to @Deke-Dickerson (and if they ask you, the last 4 digits of my phone number are 1080). Much appreciated!