Kaptain Korn Nut: SNAK ROCK superhero, greasy guitar, crunchy vocals
Donut Prince: SNAK ROCK superhero, sweet guitar, sugary vocals
Donut Hole: Bumbling sidekick, bass, doofus, he who inevitably saves the day
Korn Dog: Lazy but loyal sidekick, drums, sleeping, howling
The Go Go Gorillas: General simian behavior, loading the SnakBlaster!
Bad Apple, Grapes of Wrath, Celery Stalker, Warren Peas, Baron von Rooster, Eggs Benedict Arnold, and others: Evil villains

Click on track titles for MP3 samples:
1. The Fabulous Go Nuts Theme!
2. (Let's Bring) Cheese to China
3. A Day in the Life of a Snak Rock Superstar
4. Donut Princess
5. You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)
6. Cheetoe
7. The Fabulous Go Nuts Theme Redux
8. Bombay (You're My Hostess Cupcake)
9. The Fabulous Go Nuts Theme Yet Again!
10. S.N.A.K.R.O.C.K.
11. Chubby Chaser
12. I See the Mona Lisa (In My Pepperoni Pizza)
13. More Mayo
14. Jelly Filled Heart
15. Hot For Twinkies
16. The Final Fabulous Go Nuts Theme!
17. Phat Like That

Donut Prince: Super hero, vox, good looks
Kaptain Korn Nut: Super hero, guitar, vox, more good looks
Donut Hole: Bumbling sidekick, bass, roadie, servant, maid, janitor...
Korn Dog: Lazy sidekick, drums and that's it

Hi Fat: Manager
Madison and Dolly: Go Go Gorillas
Cheeto: That irrepressible butler
Snakbeard: "Chips Ahoy!"

Click on track titles for MP3 samples:
1. Go-Nuts Theme No.1
2. Food Fight
3. The Bad Apple
4. Robert Earl Hughes
5. Go Go Gorillas
6. Rebel Without a Snak
7. Monkey On My Back
8. Snakless Sonata
9. Go-Nuts Theme Song No.2
10. Nutrition Break
11. Robert Earl Hughes (reprise)
12. Do the Chimp
13. Madison Loves Dolly
14. Sidekicks Soiree
15. Go-Nuts Theme No.3
16. ...Of My Dreams
17. Nutwaggon
18. Go-Nuts Theme No. 4