This is the Trashmen's first album in 25 years and it's full of the great Minnesota surf sound you know and love from the "Surfin' Bird" hitmakers.

There's plenty of "bird" to go around, including "Psycho Bird," "Flipping the Bird," and "My Baby Does the Bird"; several great new originals by Deke, including "Good News," "I'm a Trashman," and "Brewski"; and some great covers in the inimitable Trashmen style, including "Bucket T," "Lotta Lovin," "Olds Mo William," "White Lightnin'" and many more.

If you've loved the Trashmen and their great 1960s records, then you'll love this new disc! If you find "Surfin' Bird" to be an annoying record that you can't stand... well, we kindly redirect your attention to

1. Olds-Mo-William
2. I'm a Trashman
3. Lotta Lovin
4. Good News
5. Mother Trucker
6. Flipin' the Bird
7. Land o' Lakes
8. Real Wild Child
9. Psycho Bird
10. Brewski
11. Red '55
12. White Lightnin'
13. Claudette
14. My Baby Does the Bird
15. Think Link
16. Bucket T

This phenomenal release will surprise fans of both Deke and Nikki—pure Southern-fried soul recorded at Scott Bomar's Electraphonic Studios in Memphis with the mighty Bo-Keys band! Two duets, "Lovey Dovey" and "Feelins," coupled with a powerful rocker from Nikki, "Struttin'" and Deke's awesome new wah-wah funk version (featuring Motown's Dennis Coffey on guitar!) of "Lady Killin' Papa" from his first album, now titled "Lady Killin' Killa."

1. Lovey Dovey
2. Feelins
3. Struttin'
4. Lady Killa

"...A direct injection from the jugular vein of rockabilly at its most primal..."

Echosonic Eldorado is the first "all-rockabilly" album in Deke's long career. For those who like the rock and roll side of Deke, you won't be disappointed! Touching on the spirit (and classic recording styles) of Gene Vincent, the Johnny Burnette Trio, and countless Sun Studios late-night sessions, songs like "Little Innocent," "Sneakin' All Around," and "Big Guitar" will satisfy the most discerning fan.

Special guest stars include legendary guitar slinger (and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer) Duane Eddy, Carl Sonny Leyland on piano, and recording engineer "Crazy" Joe Tritschler. The album's title comes from the insanely rare Echosonic amplifier that Elvis's guitarist Scotty Moore sold Deke, and the title track is an instrumental tribute to Moore that begins with an answering machine message left on Deke's voicemail. ("The day I got a voicemail from Scotty Moore, I knew I had 'made it,'" Deke states with pride.)

1. Little Innocent
2. I'm Gettin' Your Message, Baby
3. Sneakin' All Around
4. Forbidden Love
5. My Baby Don't Love Me Anymore
6. Bop Wax
7. Don't That Prove I Love You
8. Big Guitar
9. My Eyes on You (with Duane Eddy)
10. Cut Loose
11. Echosonic Eldorado
12. Deke's Boogie Blues
13. 40th and Plum
14. I've Lived a Lot in My Time

The Trashmen are back with their first new recordings in 25 years! Longtime fan and fellow guitarist Deke Dickerson dragged the boys back into the studio for some classic Minnesota-style surf 'n' suds mayhem. What's old is new again -- the Trashmen's legendary hit "Surfin' Bird" soared to the top of the British charts two years ago, and these new tracks show they still "have it" -- that reverb-drenched manic panic that made the Trashmen household names. The Bird Is Still the Word!

1. I'm a Trashman
2. Torture
3. Bop-a-Lena
4. Brewski

1. Mexicali Rose (from Number One Hit Record)
2. Hot Rod Queen (from Number One Hit Record)
3. Can't See the Forest for the Trees (from Number One Hit Record)
4. Poon-Tang (from Number One Hit Record)
5. The Hatchet Man (from More Million $eller$)
6. Rockin' Gypsy (from More Million $eller$)
7. Nightmare of a Woman (from More Million $eller$)
8. My Name Is Deke (from More Million $eller$)
9. Red Headed Woman (from More Million $eller$)
10. Beat Out My Love (from Rhythm Rhyme and Truth)
11. Hot Rodder's Lament (from Rhythm Rhyme and Truth)
12. Wang Dang Dula (from Rhythm Rhyme and Truth)
13. Where Am I Goin'? (from Rhythm Rhyme and Truth)
14. Might Not Come Home at All (from In 3 Dimensions)
15. T.J. Tuck and Roll (from This Is Ecco-Fonic!)
16. Wear Out the Soles of My Shoes (from In 3 Dimensions)
17. My Baby Don't Love Me Anymore (from Echosonic Eldorado)
18. I Never Cared for You (from The Melody)
19. Misshapen Hillbilly Gal (from King of the Whole Wide World)
20. Muleskinner Blues (from Live at Duff's)
21. Lovey Dovey (from Soul Meets Country)
22. Feelins (from Soul Meets Country)
23. Psycho Bird (from Bringing Back the Trash)
24. Real Wild Child (from Bringing Back the Trash)

1. Mexicali Rose (from Number One Hit Record)
2. Red Headed Woman (from More Million $eller$)
3. Beat Out My Love (from Rhythm Rhyme and Truth)
4. Might Not Come Home at All (from In 3 Dimensions)
5. Wear Out the Soles of My Shoes (from In 3 Dimensions)
6. Misshapen Hillbilly Gal (from King of the Whole Wide World)
7. Rockin' Gypsy (from More Million $eller$)
8. Good Time Gal (from The Melody)
9. Look at That Moon (from This Is Ecco-Fonic)
10. Nightmare of a Woman (from More Million $eller$)
11. Can't See the Forest for the Trees (from Number One Hit Record)
12. Sparkin' (from Number One Hit Record)
13. Hot Rodder's Lament (from Rhythm Rhyme and Truth)
14. Muleskinner Blues (from Live at Duff's)

1. Love Man
2. Hello Darlin'

IMDb says: "Shoot-outs, robberies, gas-huffing, drug dealing, pill popping, murders, and tap dancing: What do these all have in common? These are just a few of the parts of being a member of the Wild and Wonderful White Family. The legendary family is as known for their wild, excessive criminal ways as they are for their famous mountain dancing members, including Jesco White, the star of the cult classic documentary Dancing Outlaw. Exploring both the comic and tragic sides of life on the other side of the law, this stylish, fast-paced family portrait exposes the powerful forces of corruption, poverty, and West Virginia's environmentally and culturally devastating coal mining culture that helped shape the White family, a dying breed of outlaws preserving a dying form of dance.

1. Mama
2. Train To Nowhere
3. West Virginia White Boy
4. Asphalt Aisle
5. Sorrow and Pain
6. Whose Baby Are You, Baby?
7. Medley:Theme of Violence and Party At My Pad
8. I Love My Job
9. Darkness Breeds Contempt
10. Diggin' It
11. Moss On the Trees
12. Fortified Wine
13. Lonely Holler
14. Oh Dem Pills
15. Sorrow And Light
16. Mourning Light
17. West Virginia White Boy (instrumental track)
18. West Virginia Turnpike (unreleased demo)
19. Mousey Spy Theme (unreleased demo)
20. Guns Of Boone County (unreleased demo)

Fans of Deke have seen him on tour with the Modern Sounds, a fantastic group from Chicago, over the last year. Deke and the Modern Sounds have thrilled audiences from Europe to California with their exciting and fast-paced stage show, and hard-core Deke fans agree that this combination of talent can't be beat! Both Deke and the Modern Sounds love to do a lot of genre-hopping, from rockabilly to blues, country to jazz, polka and soul. You'll hear it all on this exciting live CD, recorded on tour at Duff's Garage in Portland, Oregon!

Songs include Deke favorites like "Mexicali Rose" and "Muleskinner Blues" and a host of new greats like "Hello Darlin'," "I'm a Lover Not a Fighter," "Lover Come Back To Me," "Ain't No Grave Deep Enough," and many more (18 songs in all)! The live recording quality is EXCELLENT, thanks to recording engineer Alex Hall (drummer of the Modern Sounds and a great studio engineer!).

Deke Dickerson: Vocals, guitar, bass, drums
Joel Paterson: Vocals, guitar, pedal steel guitar, harmonica, drums
Beau Sample: Vocals, upright bass, guitar
Alex Hall: Vocals, drums, piano

1. Intro and Mexicali Rose
2. Snatch It and Grab It
3. Early American
4. Run Red Run
5. I'm a Lover Not a Fighter
6. Ain't No Grave Deep Enough
7. Good Time Gal
8. Misshapen Hillbilly Gal
9. I'll Go Down Swingin'
10. Honky Tonk Nighttime Man
11. Make Way for a Better Man
12. End of the Road
13. Lover Come Back to Me
14. Hello Darlin'
15. I Never Cared for You
16. Muleskinner Blues
17. El Cumbanchero

This album could have been titled With A Little Help from My Friends, except that Joe Cocker already used that one, and no one wants to be compared to Joe Cocker! But the sentiment certainly applies. Just about every friend I've ever had plays on it.

Some are good friends you all know, like Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague, Carl Sonny Leyland, and "Crazy" Joe Tritschler. The Lucky Stars dropped by my house, raiding the icebox, and I had them record "Misshapen Hillbilly Gal" with me in between sandwiches. Jimmy Sutton played bass on a song, and Pete Curry of Los Straitjackets played drums. Good ol' Mitch Polzak even brought over his banjo. Some of the best country musicians in the world (by way of Austin) appear on a honky-tonk track, and later on, Mary Huff of Southern Culture on the Skids added her ethereal high voice to the same track!

Click on track titles for MP3 samples:
1. King of the Whole Wide World (introduction)
2. Deep River
3. I Can't Wait To See You (Go)
4. Misshapen Hillbilly Gal
5. Put Me Down
6. Boone County Blues
7. Make Way for a Better Man
8. Itchin' for My Baby
9. Do You Think of Me
10. Fool's Gold
11. Trumpet
12. Early for the Bell
13. Bomb Shelter (for My Heart)
14. Double-Clutchin'
15. King of the Whole Wide World (reprise)
16. Beans on Toast (vinyl-only bonus track)

Every day when I'm home, I drive past this apartment building called "The Melody." One day, it hit me -- whatever happened to the melody? Whatever happened to songs that stay in your head for weeks? This album is a concept album... carefully engineered to bring you songs with melodies and hooks that you won't soon forget.

You won't find a radical departure on this album -- no special guests, no gimmicks. What you will find is more of the same wide range of roots music that you've come to know and love from Deke Dickerson.

If you're a vinyl maniac, act fast, since the LP version is a limited edition of three hundred copies printed in Finland, and once they're gone, they're gone! The vinyl edition contains ALL the songs from the CD PLUS one bonus cut, a great instrumental called "Nokie's Lullaby."

Deke Dickerson: vocals, guitars, 6-string bass, piano, doo-wop vocal group
Christopher Sprague: drums, vocals
Jimmy Sutton: acoustic and electric bass
Carl Sonny Leyland: piano
Dave "D.B." Berzansky: pedal steel guitar

Click on track titles for MP3 samples:
1. Broken Heart
2. Good Time Gal
3. Right or Wrong
4. Looks Like I'm in Trouble Again
5. As Long as I Live
6. Safely In Love
7. Love Is Like a Song
8. Someone Used to Love Me
9. Mister Cheater
10. Waitin' on My Baby
11. Give Me All Your Love
12. Tell Me How
13. Double Naught Spy
14. Lookin' for Money
15. I Never Cared for You

The songs ("My Baby Don't Love Me Anymore," "Cut Loose," "Eefin' Rock," and "Hey Worm") were recorded on Deke's last tour of Australia at the legendary Preston Studios in Melbourne, a vintage-style studio that has been recording Australian bands since the 1980s! Produced by legendary Australian producer Graeme Thomas and backed by his Australian touring band, these are some of the rockin'est tracks that Deke's ever committed to wax!

Here it is, believe it or don't, a "Deke Dickerson's Greatest Hits" package! I never thought I would see the day, but this is it and I'm very proud to present to you the best tracks from my years with HighTone Records.

Of course, everybody has their own ideas about what songs should have been on this set, but these are my picks -- "the director's cut" if you will. There is a wide selection of tunes from all three of my HighTone albums, along with a bonus cut of "Muleskinner Blues" to sweeten the pot. There are crowd favorites like "Mexicali Rose" and "Red Headed Woman," along with songs I've never performed live but that I'm very proud of, such as "Where to Aim."

I've been on the road full time since the first HighTone album came out, so it all seems like a blur rolling by me at 80 miles per hour on the highway, but looking back on this music, I'm very proud of what I did, with much appreciation to all the different Ecco-Fonics, Mark Neill's producing skills, and of course the great guest artists like Claude Trenier (R.I.P.), the Calvanes, and others.

I think this is the best of the best, and I hope you enjoy it too! See you on the road!

Click on track titles for MP3 samples:
1. Mexicali Rose
2. Hot Rod Queen
3. What's That Cookin'
4. Can't See the Forest for the Trees
5. Feelin' Low
6. Poon-Tang
7. Sparkin'
8. Snatch It and Grab It
9. Rockin' Gypsy
10. Red Headed Woman
11. My Name Is Deke
12. Nightmare of a Woman
13. I Gave My Heart Before
14. Hod Rodder's Lament
15. Beat Out My Love
16. Hello Blues
17. Will You Be Mine
18. Where to Aim
19. Headin' On Down the Road
20. Where Am I Goin'?
21. Muleskinner Blues (previously unissued in the U.S.)

Deke's very own rarities compilation! 24 tracks, including outtakes, unreleased songs, demos, live recordings, rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, country, surf...

Click on track titles for MP3 samples:
1. Burbank Hillbillies Theme
(by Jerry Scoggins; outtake)

2. World's Greatest Sinner
(demo; previously unreleased)

3. Ain't Got a Pot
(alt. take; previously unreleased)

4. Your Love's Like a Faucet
(from the LA County Line comp.)

5. Sparkin'
(orig. version; from the Solid Sender vinyl EP)

6. Double Zombie
(from the Solid Sender vinyl EP)

7. Run Boy Run
(from the Tribute to Link Wray comp.)

8. Wishing Star
(demo; previously unreleased)

9. Mean Little Mama
(previously unreleased)

10. Bottoms Up
(from EF-1013 fanclub vinyl single)

11. It Teardrops Were Pennies
(previously unreleased)

12. Switchblade Stomp
(w/ Sean Mencher; from the Goofin' Around comp.)

13. I Love Rock 'n' Bowl
(unreleased acetate)

14. Trick Fueler
(from the Sleazy Surf vol. 2 comp.)

15. Foolish Thoughts
(recorded live; previously unreleased)

16. Find My Baby for Me
(recorded live; previously unreleased)

17. One Way Ticket
(recorded live; previously unreleased)

18. El Cumbanchero
(recorded live; previously unreleased)

19. In the Ghetto
(In Tacoma) (recorded live; previously unreleased)

20. Blistered
(recorded live; previously unreleased)

21. All Dressed Up
(recorded live; previously unreleased)

22. Wiggle Wobble
(recorded live; previously unreleased)

23. She's So Fine
(recorded live; previously unreleased)

24. Muleskinner Blues
(recorded live; previously unreleased)

Presented in three sections: "rock 'n' roll," "rockabilly," and "hillbilly." The first section is a rocking rhythm and blues revue featuring the fabulous Carl Sonny Leyland, former Ecco-Fonic sax man Ron Dziubla, Los Straitjackets bass man Pete Curry, and legendary New Orleans session drummer Earl Palmer.

Section two highlights include the original song "Wear Out the Soles of My Shoes," a cover of Johnny Horton's obscure-but-rockin' "Take the Long Way Home Tonight," and a haunting Link-Wray-meets-Roy-Orbison ballad, "Bitter Tears."

Part three features the fiery guitar-and-steel-guitar duo Dave Biller and Jeremy Wakefield, upright bassist Billy Horton, and drummer Bobby Trimble playing country, western swing, and hillbilly boogie numbers. The bonus track is a rollicking cover of Bob Wills' "Fat Boy Rag" with Biller and Wakefield taking the leads, and Deke accompanying them on the monstrous 5-foot tall BASS saxophone!

Deke Dickerson: vocals, guitars, piano, baritone sax, bass sax
Carl Sonny Leyland: piano
Ron Dziubla: tenor and baritone sax
Dave Leroy Biller: electric guitar
Jeremy Wakefield: Bigsby steel guitar
Jeff Graves: acoustic bass
Billy Horton: acoustic bass
Craig Packham: drums
Bobby Trimble: drums

and special guest...
Earl Palmer: drums!

Click on track titles for MP3 samples:
Rock 'n' Roll:
1. I Might Not Come Home At All
2. Top of the Line
3. Ain't Got a Reason
4. I Get So Lonely
5. Sittin' and Thinkin'

6. Wear Out the Soles of My Shoes
7. Take the Long Way Home
8. It Would Be a Doggone Lie
9. Let's Go Wild Tonight
10. Bitter Tears

11. You've Been Honky Tonkin'
12. Too Hot to Handle
13. Knoxville Boogie
14. Gambler's Guitar
15. Pinball Boogie
16. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
17. I'm Gonna Live Some Before I Die

This formerly out-of-print album is once again available as an MP3 download! A compilation of 31 tracks from Deke's Ecco-Fonic record label. 14 tracks are by Deke; also featured are the Smith's Ranch Boys, Horton Brothers, Ramblin' James, Jimmy Bryant, Sammy Masters, Lester Peabody, Sean Mencher, the Krazy Kats, Maynard Horlick, the Country Cabin Boys, Biller & Wakefield, and Brian Nevill!!! None of these tracks have been on CD before, and 10 of them are previously unreleased in any form!

Click on track titles for MP3 samples:
1. Deke Dickerson: This is Ecco-Fonic!
2. Deke Dickerson: It Came to Me in a Dream (vocal)
3. Deke Dickerson: T.J. Tuck and Roll
4. Deke Dickerson: Look at that Moon (vocal)
5. Country Cabin Boys: Wounded Knee Polka
6. Ramblin' James: Which Way the Wind Blows (vocal)
7. Lester Peabody: Big River Rag
8. Krazy Kats: Beat Out my Love (vocal)
9. Deke Dickerson: Swingin' in Outer Space
10. Deke Dickerson: Beatin' on the Bars (vocal)
11. Deke Dickerson: Diggin' It
12. Deke Dickerson: Solid Sender (vocal)
13. Jimmy Bryant: Ha-So
14. Krazy Kats: Wiggly Little Mama (vocal)
15. Sean Mencher: Jumpin' Track
16. Maynard Horlick: Go Go Rip Van Winkle (vocal)
17. Brian Nevill & the Quiet Three: Del Scorcho
18. Horton Brothers: Jack in the Boogie Box (vocal)
19. Horton Brothers: Roll Hot Rod Roll (vocal)
20. Deke Dickerson: Asphalt Aisle
21. Deke Dickerson: Midnight Swell
22. Deke Dickerson: Deep Dark Jungle (vocal)
23. Deke Dickerson: Mothers Worry
24. Ramblin' James: Friday Night (vocal)
25. Biller & Wakefield: Burbank Bounce
26. Biller & Wakefield: Knuckleheaded Polka
27. Sammy Masters: Twin Pipes & Pin Stripes (vocal)
28. Smith's Ranch Boys: Corn Whiskey (vocal)
29. Smith's Ranch Boys: Ain't Givin' Up (vocal)
30. Deke Dickerson: Tulsa Baby (vocal)
31. Deke Dickerson: Samoa

Deke Dickerson: Lead vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Brent Harding: Acoustic bass, vocals
Bobby Horton: Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, steel guitar
Craig Packham: Drums, percussion, status cymbals

The Fabulous Calvanes: Doo-wop vocals
Carl Sonny Leyland: Piano
Jeremy Wakefield: Bisgby steel guitar
D.J. Bonebrake: Vibes
Mark Neill: Danelectro tic-tac bass

Click on track titles for MP3 samples:
1. Will You Be Mine
2. Beat Out My Love
3. Have Blues Will Travel
4. Hot Rodder's Lament
5. Heartbreaker of the Town
6. Give Me a Brunette
7. Hello Blues
8. Where To Aim
9. C-A Boogie
10. Don't Push Me Too Far
11. Wang Dang Dula
12. I'm Lonesome
13. Headin' On Down the Road
14. Speedin' On Keystone
15. Where Am I Goin'?

Deke Dickerson: Lead guitar & vocals, baritone sax
Brent Harding: Acoustic bass, backing vocals
Johnny Noble: 2nd lead guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Craig Packham: Drums, Tympani

Billy Zoom: Lead guitar on "Nightmare of a Woman"
Hadda Brooks: Vocal Duet on "You're my Cadillac"
Billy Barty: Intro and outro
Joey D'Ambrosio: Tenor saxophone
Carl Sonny Leyland: Piano, backing vocals
Jeremy Wakefield: Bigsby steel guitar
Mark Neill: Danaelectro 6-string bass, backing vocals
Brantley Kearns: Violins

Click on track titles for MP3 samples:
1. Let the Good Times Roll
2. The Hatchet Man
3. I'm a Wreck
4. Rockin' Gypsy
    (instrumental duet - Deke and Johnny)
5. Nightmare of a Woman
    (with Billy Zoom)
6. Broken Down and Broken Hearted
7. I Gave My Heart Before
8. My Name is Deke
9. You're My Cadillac
    (with Hadda Brooks)
10. Mean Son of a Gun
11. So Long I'm Gone
12. Tropical Island Boogie Serenade
13. I Think You Gotta Pay for That
    (with Carl Sonny Leyland)
14. Red Headed Woman
15. Closing Theme from Jerry Scoggins
    (voice of the Beverly Hillbillies TV Show)
16. Radio Spots for Disc Jockeys

Deke Dickerson: Lead guitar & vocals, tic-tac bass
Brent Harding: Acoustic bass, backing vocals
Johnny Noble: 2nd lead guitar, acoustic guitar, maracas
Brian Nevill: Drums, cymbals

Larry Collins: 2nd lead guitar on "Jumpin' Bean"
Claude Trenier: Spoken intro to "Poon-Tang"
Joey D'Ambrosio: Tenor saxophone
Carl Sonny Leyland: Piano
Jeremy Wakefield: Bigsby steel guitar

Click on track titles for MP3 samples:
1. Mexicali Rose
2. Can't See the Forest for the Trees
3. Hot Rod Queen
4. Snatch It and Grab It
5. Lady Killin' Papa
6. Feelin' Low
7. What's That Cookin'
8. Jumpin' Bean
    (instrumental duet w/ Larry Collins)
9. The End of the Line
10. Sparkin'
11. Introduction by Claude Trenier
12. Poon-Tang
13. Guitar in Orbit no. 37 (instrumental)
14. I Gotta Date to Cut a Cake
15. Peroxide Blonde
16. Long Time in the Ground