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Not "Little" Richard, but his lil' white polka cousin!

If you really want to impress the ladies, this LP is nothing but the sound of a seismograph registering earthquakes!

But they look so wholesome!

Yes, an entire LP of humans making gassy emissions.

Hello, booking agent? Can you get me this gig?

Politically incorrect, but perfectly framed. What is he really beating on, and what is she looking at?

The sort of comedy record that came out of Chicago in the 1960s. Wow.

Great question!

An entire LP dedicated to the joys of living in a mobile home! With Bob Wills alumnus Tiny Moore producing, no less.

Early gay novelty LP! Bizarre!

Bowling swingers?

Looks like it worked for him.

Spend your money on this LP instead of cigarettes, that's how!

I got pizza on the disc and now it won't play.

Special "Men with Toilet Seat Guitars" section.

Two of the strangest albums I've ever seen both came from Korea, of all places. The Korean Deaf Percussion Orchestra album (above) is just that: an entire album of music made by DEAF people trained to play by following their conductor's visual instructions. The crazy thing is, they play better than a lot of musicians I know!

Even weirder, perhaps, is the following Korean Grand Ole Opry album, which appears to be the soundtrack of a stage production put on for American servicemen stationed in Korea. If you can get past the nightmarishly named artists (Rice Paddy Grandpa Jones, Kimchi Chet Atkins) you will find the most incredible outsider art in the form of "Muleskinner Blues" by a man whose name is/was Numb Nuts. Listen to a clip and know that this is not a dream...

All I can say is...wow.

Rehab a la 1950

I don't think they went too far...

Then again, maybe they did!

The following 10 album covers are part of the bizarre "High-Infidelity" collection. These records were gag gifts, like greeting cards. They contained no actual record--just this album-size card inside the sleeve:

Special bachelor pad section, courtesy Jeff Miller: