Warning! Some of these bizarre album covers from the 1950s and 1960s feature vintage photographs of women in various stages of undress...and unlike our photos of gospel midgets and quadriplegic mandolin players, they may be unsuitable for viewers under 18!! Special thanks to Jeff Miller of Golden Oldies in Tacoma, Washington, for the loan of some of his crown jewels.

This one has it all: grammatical errors, oddly skewed perspective, and of course a cartoon image of an alley cat taking a brick to a dog.

Damn! These women are scary! Sort of the Manson Family of the LGBT set.

For some reason, Detroit spawned the most awesome LPs of preachers giving hellfire-and-damnation sermons. Elder Marshall Taylor's album may have the greatest cover of them all!

This album is so messed up on so many levels that it falls under the category of brilliant. "Jingle Bells" is redone as "Matzoh Balls," etc., plus the name of the band is Stanley Adams and the Chicken Flickers . . . genius! BANNED IN EGYPT!

Exceptional Music by Exceptional People. This group of mentally retarded kids made several albums, and they rule! "Sunrise Rock" is a classic.

The maniacal look on Bob Kames's face seems to say: "This is the day that an organ-playing fisherman has fantasized about for decades! Now clean my fish, honey!"

No caption necessary.

One of the best country western album covers of all time. You've got the wife, the kids, the riding mower, the psychedelic pants . . .

Quite possibly the only comedy album recorded live inside an outhouse.

As historical truck driving music albums go, this may be the grooviest. Wherever that blonde gal in the hot pants is today, she has a job with my band any time.

Not quite as funky as Jr. & the Soul-Ettes, but these kids have got it goin' on!

Absolutely the worst rap/rock song of all time. Poor Clara Peller, RIP, forced to record this travesty . . .

I would rather stick forks in my eyeballs than listen to 10 original Cabbage Patch songs.

Whoever thought of this cash-in album didn't take into account that the Pope speaks only in Latin. Impossible to listen to all the way through, but better than Sominex if you need sleep.

An oft-seen but never-equaled parody of
Herb Alpert's Whipped Cream and Other Delights.

Well, I take that back. Maybe this one is better.

Yes, an album of inspirational songs by a man who had his face burned to a crisp in a plane crash.

Sweet Daddy Siki was one of the greatest professional wrestlers ever. Based in Toronto, Siki split his time between wrasslin' and singin' country music, even taking time out to record this album. A classic example of what happens when all worlds collide!

Crazy Joe in a previous life!

Do the kids today have listen-and-learn knitting albums in mp3 format on their iPods? Or is this the sort of knowledge that can only be passed on through vinyl?

Of all the great "Laff" Records album covers, this might be my favorite.

There were problems with the early years of electric instruments, as evidenced by Joe Maize's hair. This is a fantastic steel guitar album, though!

Trust me, this ain't fun at all. Old-school propaganda from the establishment!

I hereby nominate Mack Vickery Live at the Alabama Women's Prison the greatest album cover in the history of album covers.

Featuring a groovy 3-D eyeball on the cover. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy . . .

What this world needs is more electronica country western music!

Metal at its very best . . . or worst, take your pick!

Also featured in our World of Weirdness section, but this very special album deserves to be in the Bizarre LPs as well.

For those who truly have too much time on their hands.

On the other hand, I really enjoy vintage world conspiracy theory albums. God bless the illuminati and the new world order!

Nothing makes less sense than ventriloquist acts on record. No, that's not impressive at all!

For a total and complete bummer, just put on Epilepsy--Into the Light.

I won't argue with the Corned Beef Confucius!

I found this one at an estate sale. Guess it doesn't work!

This one was actually on Capitol Records, a major label! One of my favorite covers ever.

Inside a totally black gatefold (!) cover, this mysterious album is explained only by the label as the soundtrack to A Blind Man's Movie. Take that, Spinal Tap!

He looks like he wants to learn!

No, not Crazy Joe, but his Latin counterpart.

Define "authentic"?

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