The Go-Nuts are yet another one of Deke's many side projects. Known as "The World's Greatest Snak-Rock Superhero and Gorilla Entertainment Revue"(TM), they have been wowing audiences with their unique brand of "snak-rock"(TM) since 1995!

The Go-Nuts are four superheroes: Kap'n Korn-nut, the Donut Prince (who bears an uncanny resemblance to...), the Donut Hole, and the Korn Dogg, who along with their Go-Go Gorillas (Madison and Dolly) attempt to make the world safe for snacking through the message in their music.

The Go-Nuts' live show is legendary. Their audiences are wowed not only by their dynamic "Snak Rocking"(TM) musical style, but also by their various launch devices. The "Snak Storm"(TM) and "Snak Cannon"(TM) shoot snack foods such as pie, whipped cream, corn chips, cereal, powdered sugar, and Choco-diles into the audience.

Although this has been widely well-received by Go-Nuts fans, the band's relentless pursuit of its mission has led to the Go-Nuts being banned from most clubs in California. On one memorable occasion at the House of Blues in Hollywood, the soundman engaged in a fistfight with one of the gorillas onstage while the band was playing. The fracas ended with a cream pie in his face. The Go-Nuts now have a 50-foot restraining order placed on them by the House of Blues.

So far the Go-Nuts have released several 45 singles and two CDs. Their second full-length album DUNK AND COVER! is available on Lookout Records.

The Go-Nuts have been #2 on the Rolling Stone indie charts...they have been optioned for a film production...and they have been courted by the Creative Artists Agency (the largest talent agency in the world) for a Saturday morning cartoon show! Just as the Go-Nuts themselves grow bigger from their copious intake of snacks, so does the Go-Nuts name continue to grow in fortune and reputation.

Live at the Primitive Music and Art Festival, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, June 2006